Life isn’t picture perfect. We use the negatives to develop.
— Logic

Hi my name is jasmine…

and I’m so glad you found my page. I’m a certified reiki, sound, and intuitive energy healer and I absolutely love the work I do!

I’m a Jersey Girl, turned Cali native, and I was a TV story producer for 10 years. But after losing my son in 2018, I found my true calling to help heal others. I miscarried him almost four months into my pregnancy and it was heartbreaking. Having been through depression in 2012 after losing my eldest sister, I was determined not to suffer this time.

I wanted to work through the trauma authentically, but not get stuck in it. Through a lot of introspective work and determination to heal, I found courage and my calling to heal others.

My son helped my soul evolve and I was able to walk in a different path that felt so natural to me. I found me and I want to help do the same for you. I want to help release any stuck energy that’s stopping you from moving forward. So please, if you’re ready to heal, I’m here to help.